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Presentation Length 1.5 hours

Recorded DateJuly 18, 2017
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Course LevelBasic
Course Description

With the pending retirement of millions of baby boomer business owners, there is a great opportunity to generate additional sources of income by adding exit planning to your advisory practice. This live webinar introduces Pinnacle’s six (6) step exit planning process that hundreds of advisors have successfully followed to add exit planning to their practices. We will cover the owner’s mental and financial readiness, the ranges of value for the company, the five (5) main exit options, deal structure and legal agreements. In addition, we discuss how to prospect business owners and deliver value in an exit planning engagement. The marketplace of exiting owners is currently in the millions and growing; the material presented in this webinar is the first step in taking advantage of this tremendous opportunity, and can also lead towards obtaining the prestigious "Certified Business Exit Consultant" designation.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what business owners are most concerned about and the key questions that advisors are not asking their business owner clients.

  • Learn how to prospect the exiting owner and deliver value inside an exit planning engagement.

  • Learn the mistakes to avoid in discussion exit planning with owners.

  • Understand Pinnacle’s 6-step exit planning process.

  • Learn the four types of exiting owners – a simple way to determine the type of owner you are dealing with and what their optimal exit is.

  • Learn the five (5) major exit transaction options and the value applied to each.

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John M. Leonetti, Esq., M.S. Finance, CFP, CM&AA is the founder and CEO of Pinnacle Equity Solutions, Inc., an exit strategies firm specializing in exit strategy design and execution services to advisors and their privately held business owners. John is a nationally recognized leader in the Exit Planning field and has been interviewed on ABC News Now, NECN and featured in the Wall Street Journal. In addition, John is the author of the highly publicized book “Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth: A Strategic Guide for Owners and their Advisors”. John’s book has been the hot topic for many national industry and business owner publications.  For fifteen years, John has served as a principal, a manager, a transactional advisor, a legal advisor and a financial advisor to privately held businesses, their owners, and their advisors. Over this time period John has noticed a lack of consistency in how Exit Strategy services are delivered to the entrepreneur. This inconsistency exists, even though succeeding a business is one of the most important and complex financial decisions that will be made in that business owner's lifetime. Proper planning and well timed exits can literally mean millions of dollars in additional Value and Wealth Preservation that is added to a business owner's net worth and legacy. John brings to the Exit Strategies practice an extensive education to go with his hands-on work experience. He earned his Law Degree from Suffolk University and is an attorney in the State of Massachusetts. Along with the Law Degree, John also completed a Masters Degree in Finance at Suffolk's Sawyer School of Management and holds a BS in Finance from Providence College. Academic achievements include teaching Retirement and Estate Planning courses at Suffolk University for those studying to earn the CFP® certification and a 'first of its kind' Private Capital Markets course offered in the Spring of 2007. Private Capital Markets is a course for MBA Students, Entrepreneurial students, Business Owners and Advisors on Valuing, Financing and Transferring privately held businesses within the developing world of the Private Capital Markets. In the Fall of 2008 John released his book, Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth: A Strategic Guide for Owners and their Advisors. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, John currently resides in Canton, Massachusetts, with his wife, Christine, and their four children - Catherine, Elizabeth, Michael and Nicholas. He remains actively involved with his alma mater, having received its Outstanding Alumni Award in 2003 in recognition of his continuing dedication. John enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, and riding his motorcycle.

About Our Presenter

Pinnacle Equity Solutions provides advisors - financial planners, attorneys, estate planners, accountants, and Mergers and Acquisitions professionals with the tools they need to incorporate Business Exit Planning into their advisory practices. The key to tapping into this area is knowledge. You need to understand the marketplace and develop methods to become an asset to the business owner. We train, coach and provide marketing support to advisors to business owners on exit strategy planning. We are confident that by joining our membership programs will get you more clients, increase your exposure in the marketplace, diversify your business, increase your revenues and challenge you in a new and exciting way. John Leonetti, founder of Pinnacle Equity Solutions, authored Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth to help business owners and their advisors get started on the path to successful exits. John and his team at Pinnacle work with advisors to prepare them to have the intelligent conversation with the business owner about their goals, financial and mental readiness, range of values for the business, options and execution for exit. The Pinnacle team also provides the support and tools for the advisor to follow the six-step process outlined in the book and create the exit plan for the owner (s) of the business. Pinnacle Equity Solutions supports its advisors with monthly coaching calls, monthly calls with Spotlight Guests who are experts in their field, newsletters for marketing to the owner in the name of the advisor, workshops, home study courses and memberships.