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Finding Remote Clients: 3.0 Social Media & Content


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Presentation Length 1.0 hour

Recorded DateApril 15, 2021
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Course LevelBasic
Course Description

The 'Finding Remote Clients’ presentation series was created in response to many questions I received here on CPA Academy - asking for the ‘what, where, and how’ when it comes to finding remote clients.  As I’m sure many of you are experiencing, there’s a difference between being an accountant at a firm and being the owner of the said accounting firm.  As a business owner, you simply need to wear more hats. This 3rd webinar in the series will focus on the social media marketing and content creation aspects of running a successful remote business, and why having a basic strategy is so important when it comes to finding remote clients.  

*This webinar series does not need to be watched in chronological order*

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify what to create, how to create it, and where to use it 

  • Determine how to utilize multi-media marketing

  • Recognize strategies for saving time and repurposing your content

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Meet Katey. She’s a paddle boarder, music lover, Zumba instructor, and travel enthusiast who’s been to 45 countries. She graduated from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and began a career in the fashion industry. But after coming down with Dengue fever during a 2016 trip to Vietnam, she decided to focus her efforts on the accounting profession. And so Millennial Accounting was born. Katey loves training, encouraging, creating processes, and introducing her clientele to new apps and technology. Millennial Accounting primarily serves two niches (real estate/property management and e-commerce) and is on a mission to serve, inspire, educate, and problem-solve. Katey currently resides in Miami, Florida. We are so grateful to have this traveling, dancing, fashion-loving accounting professional in our CPA Academy family!

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