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Racism and Inequality in Cannabis


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Recorded DateJune 25, 2020
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This video is a special addition to the CPAacademy Archive.

A 2017 survey showed that only one-fifth of Cannapreneurs or Cannabis stakeholders were people of color. Just 4.3% were black. In an industry dominated by the white population, it’s disconcerting that rich, white CEOs are now making millions dealing in the same plant that communities of color have engaged with for decades, often meeting extremely disproportionate sentencing for minimal amounts of Cannabis. These practices continue in states in which Cannabis has not yet been legalized.

Although racism is a systemic issue in our country, we can largely thank the war on drugs for the ongoing disparities in Cannabis. Join DOPE CFO co-founder Naomi Granger, MBA, CPA as she discusses racism and inequality in Cannabis, and what you can do in your region to help close the gap.

Points she’ll address include:

  • Background on the war on drugs: what it did to a community and an entire population (and why it’s not too late to reverse the damage).

  • Social equity programs defined: learn what a social equity program is (and how they can bridge the gap and offer equal opportunities for all races in the Cannabis industry).

  • Which states currently have a social equity program: Illinois, Washington, California, and other states have taken action to diminish disproportionate law enforcement in Cannabis (if your state doesn’t have a social equity program, learn how you can get the ball rolling on encouraging your state legislature to consider these programs).

  • Resources for more information: we’ll share additional information to give you support in your state (and a path to take to create more awareness about racial lines in the industry).

Racism and inequality infiltrates many systems and industries in America. Let’s take a stand and reduce the effect of the war on drugs by encouraging awareness and the necessity for social equity programs.

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A former “Big 4” accounting professional, Naomi has over 12 years of experience in both public accounting and industry accounting. She has managed large global teams responsible for planning, performing and managing audits of financial statements and internal controls over financial reporting. Noaomi was featured in MJ Biz’s Jan 2019 issue in their "Women to Watch" section.

About Our Presenter

DOPE CFO is a nationally recognized training program for accounting professionals looking to service cannabis businesses. DOPE CFO provides access to cannabis businesses with trained accounting professionals that understand their specific needs.